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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Education panel appointee Julie Hershey answers critics

Here is an overview of new EOC member Julie Hershey.  Read the complete article in Sunday's State Newspaper:

Julie Hershey

Gov. Mark Sanford has appointed Hershey to the state’s Education Oversight Committee.

Occupation: Regional director for Heritage Community Services’ Upstate office. The nonprofit encourages students to abstain from sex until marriage.

Family: Married for 30 years to Ray Hershey; mother of three, grandmother of two. Lives in Greer

Age: 56

Education: Attended Grand Rapids College, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Other appointments/offices: Trustee of Anderson University, 2002-07; member, Governor’s Education Task Force, 2003-04; member, Governor’s Math and Science Advisory Board, 1994-97; Greenville County School Board, 1992-96

Three changes

Julie Hershey, newly appointed to the state’s Education Oversight Committee, would like to see more educational choices for parents, including:

School choice. Hershey says parents should be able to send their children to whatever public or private school they choose. That would require tax incentives or some other type of state funding. “Parents are in the best position to make decisions on the educational needs of their children and what’s the best school for them. They certainly know better than bureaucrats.”

More charter schools. Hershey wants more charter schools, public schools that are largely free of state laws and regulations. Charter schools can be set up by a group of parents, a church or other organization, but they cannot be religious or home-based.

More magnet schools. Hershey wants more public schools to offer specialized courses or address certain segments of students, such as single-gender schools.

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