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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

State Newspaper Provides SC College Rankings

School          Rank            List
Clemson University      8       Best Career/Job Placement Services     
Clemson University      8       Everyone Plays Intramural Sports       
Clemson University      1       Happiest Students      
Clemson University      1       Jock Schools   
Clemson University      20      School Runs Like Butter
Clemson University      7       Students Pack the Stadiums     
Clemson University      2       Town-Gown Relations are Great  
Clemson University      6       Best Quality of Life   
Clemson University      7       Best Athletic Facilities       
College of Charleston   15      Great College Towns    
Furman University       13      Best College Library   
Furman University       9       Future Rotarians and Daughters of the American Revolution      
Furman University       13      School Runs Like Butter
Furman University       9       Most Religious Students
Wofford College 2       Major Frat and Sorority Scene  
Wofford College 20      Professors Get High Marks      
Wofford College 13      Most Conservative Students     

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