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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rock Hill Schools Recognize Outstanding Volunteers

One of the more enjoyable tasks I have as a Board Member is to attend the annual Partnership and Volunteer Awards Presentation. This year was no exception as the district recognized outstanding volunteer service for the 2007 - 2008 school year. 
I had the privilege of sitting with the Rosewood Elementary folks (Teresa Conley, Mellen Shugart, Debi Smith) and it didn't take long to figure out why they were being recognized as they were talking "shop" about what they could do this year. Their enthusiasm for making the school better was contagious.
It was a great event. Below is a list of Volunteers/businesses who were recognized:
Parent Smart - Marilyn Dunn
The Children's School at Sylvia Circle Elementary - PTO Board
Ebenezer Avenue Elementary - Jenae Pannell and PTO Bingo Night Committee
Ebinport Elementary - Williams & Fudge
Finley Road Elementary - Shannon League and PTO Board
Independence Elementary - Diane Elkins
India Hook Elementary - Helen Carpenter, PTA, and Outstanding 4th Grade Moms
Lesslie Elementary - Julie Sessoms and Kristen Zajac
Mount Gallant Elementary - Heather Milley
Northside Elementary - Nelson Burson and ES&Y Auto Repair
Old Pointe Elementary - Jill Bigham
Richmond Drive Elementary - Christle Ross and Trish Shipman
Rosewood Elementary - Madeline Castro, Teresa Conley, Mellen Shugart, Debi Smith, and Kimberly Young
York Road Elementary - Melissa Oehme
Dutchman Creek Middle School - Toyota Douglas
Rawlinson Road Middle School - Winnie Crandall, Marie Williams, PTO, Williams & Fudge
Saluda Trail Middle School - Savannah Lakes Community Golf Club and Family Trust Federal Credit Union
Phoenix Academy - John and Beverly Ernandez
Applied Technology Center - 3D Systems Corporation, Charles Ferrell, Wayne Moody, and Material Handling Industry of America
Northwestern High School - Tom Kersbergen, Laura Mallard, and Friends of Northwestern
Rock Hill High School - Hailey Christmas and Lisa Hammond
South Pointe High School - Ray Lowder and Robin Williams
District Administration - Milliken Company, Steppin ' High, and York County Sheriff's Office

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