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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Norwood Running For Re-election to Rock Hill School Board


For Immediate Release:

From:  Bob Norwood, Chairman, Rock Hill School Board

I would like to announce that I am planning to run for re-election to the Rock Hill School Board in 2008.  I have made this decision for several reasons which include:

    1. To provide continuity for our school district at a time of transition in both district office and building level leadership.
    2. To continue to push for programs that target our underperforming students, increase our overall student achievement and decrease our drop out rate.
    3. To promote programs that better prepare our students for life after high school.
    4. To help meet the budget challenges ahead due to Act 388.
    5. To continue to advocate for public education in general and specifically in Rock Hill Schools.

In addition, I still have a keen personal interest in improving the Rock Hill Schools since I still have a child in our district. 


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