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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rock Hill Schools August 11 Work Session Notes

The Board agreed a future retreat would be good to discuss goals and how to communicate them and to develop advocacy strategies. There will also be a review of the self assessment results and the administration will provide Board assessment from the Superintendent's Leadership Team. A decision on when the retreat will be held will be made at the next meeting.
The Board agreed to send a letter to the local legislative delegation (and their November Competition) outlining our concerns about funding issues in South Carolina. We've heard within the last week that our funds will be cut by  $1.5 million and we can probably expect another cut by the end of the calendar year.
The Board made comments on several policies and will vote on them at the August Business Meeting.
It was announced the Administration is having a meeting this week with prospective advertisers for the scoreboards at District Three and District Three South Stadiums.
The Administration is making changes to the facilities policy to accommodate the extra expenses that would be required for rental of District Three Stadium.
The administration was challenged to be sure we were not charging booster groups too much for the use of our facilities.
The Administration reported that District-wide SAC's Accreditation will be in full swing this semester with a target of January for achieving accreditation.
The Board endorsed the new Professional Code which will be kicked off at the "Back to School" gathering on August 15. The Code is as follows:
Put Students First
Nurture Relationships
Work Together for a Shared Vision
Grow Professionally
Continuously Find Ways to Improve
The Board voted 7-0 to approve the administrations recommendations for personnel changes.

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