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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crosstown Throwdown -- Rock Hill Schools Swim Meet

The "Crosstown Throwdown" Swim Meet will be this Thursday (September 25)
at the Rock Hill Aquatics Center. All three District 3 Varsity Swim
Teams (Rock Hill, South Pointe, and Northwestern) will be competing.
The event will start about 5:30PM and wrap up somewhere around 8:00 PM.

The meet will be a great time to see over 100 athletes compete hard but
join together afterwards for a quick bite and a social in good
sportsmanship. Also, this will be an opportunity to see the facilities
that District 3 has helped provide (best in South Carolina),
supplementing the important elementary school student swim lessons.

The Swimming community in Rock Hill is growing and you couldn't ask for
a more ideal sport. Swimming is a low impact, highly aerobic activity
in which these Swimmers can participate for a lifetime. The Varsity
Teams compete at three levels -- as team against team, as individuals
against individuals, and as individuals against their own best times. It
will be Rock Hill's own version of the Olympics.

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