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Friday, September 12, 2008

Seven schools recognized for promoting healthy habits among students and staff - Included is Rock Hill's Richmond Drive Elementary

COLUMBIA - Seven South Carolina public schools have received Healthy Schools
awards for their efforts to promote wellness among students and staff, State
Superintendent of Education Jim Rex announced today.

The South Carolina Healthy Schools Awards are a joint effort of the State
Department of Education and the Department of Health and Environmental
Control. The awards are given to schools that demonstrate a coordinated team
approach to improving student health and provide evidence of achieving best

"We congratulate these outstanding schools," Rex said. "Their
administrators, staff and students all recognize the importance of
developing and practicing healthy habits. In addition to providing
excellent examples for schools searching for ways to promote children's
health, these programs showcase successful strategies that adults are using
as well."

Jennie Moore Elementary School and Drayton Hall Elementary
School in Charleston County and Hunt Meadows Elementary School in Anderson
School District One each achieved status as an eight-component award winning
school. Richmond Drive Elementary School in Rock Hill School District met
six of eight components of the coordinated approach to school health, and
Wren Elementary School in Anderson School District One met five of the
components. Both Tamassee-Salem Elementary School in Oconee County and West
View Elementary School in Spartanburg School District Six met three of the
eight components.

"It's no secret that healthy children learn better," said DHEC commissioner
Earl Hunter. "We're pleased to be part of a program that not only recognizes
this important concept, but also works to promote behaviors and activities
in our schools that can improve health and learning opportunities for
children. These award winners are wonderful examples of the vision we have
of healthy people living in healthy communities."

To be designated a Healthy School, schools must show a coordinated team
approach to improving student health and provide evidence of achieving best
practices in at least one component of the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention's Adolescent and School Health Eight-Component model of
Coordinated School Health. The components are: health and safety policies
and environment; health education; physical education and physical activity;
nutrition services; health services; guidance, psychological and social
services; health promotion for staff; and family and community involvement.

Eight Component Winner
Jennie Moore Elementary School - Charleston County School District
Principal: Karen Felder

Eight Component Winner

Drayton Hall Elementary School - Charleston County

Principal: John Cobb

Eight Component Winner
Hunt Meadows Elementary School - Anderson One

Principal: Nancy Prince

Six Component Winner

Richmond Drive Elementary School - Rock Hill School District Three

Principal: Patrick Maness

Richmond Drive Elementary School supports student health in a variety of
ways. The school has embraced providing healthy foods for celebrations and
fundraising with healthy items.

The principal supports the "Girls on the Run" program and runs the five-K
race with them.

Five Component Winner

Wren Elementary School - Anderson One

Principal: Rhonda Tunstall

Three Component Winner
Tamassee-Salem Elementary School - Oconee County

Principal: Myra Dillard

Three Component Winner

West View Elementary - Spartanburg 6

Principal: Shawn Wooten

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