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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September 8 Board Work Session Notes

Action Item: The Board met in executive session for personnel discussions. In open session, the board voted 6-0 (Silverman was at the Rock Hill High School Open House) to support the administration's acceptance of a teacher resignation.
Other items:
The Board Heard the Castle Heights Middle School Administration describe "Making Middle Grades Work".  This program, similar to "High Schools that Work" is geared to the middle school area. The are using the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) and the Urban Learning Leadership Center (ULLC).
The Board received a budget update. It appears that 07-08 revenue was $3.3 million more than budgeted and expenses were $1.4 million less than budgeted for a revenue in excess of expenditures of $4.7 million.  The 08-09 budget was under-funded by $2.3 million, the Education Finance Act funding was reduced by $1.2 million and the EIA funding was reduced by $1 million which has resulted in a $4.48 million shortfall. All of the 07-08 overage will be applied to the 08-09 shortfall. There are $200,000 remaining in the innovation funds which the Board approved for the 07-08 year.  The administration will spend these funds as follows; Hire a SASI coordinator ($75,000); continue Saturday School ($30,000); and Professional Development ($95,000).
The Board received an update on the final 2005 Referendum Bond Sale. A chart was presented showing the largest debt service requirement to come in 2009 (56.8 mils) and there is not an appreciable drop until 2017.  This makes major capital expenditures before then unlikely unless there is a large increase in property value within the district.
The Board received an update on 4th high school discussions with York Tech.
The Board received updates on SAT/AP/IB scores and new technology which has been added since the end of the 07-08 year.
The Board got a "hands on" demonstration of the new software program SAS has developed for the district.  This program allows administrators to easily get data by student, school, and district. This should help with the remediation programs.  The administration is not aware of another program like this in the state of SC. SAS developed the program specifically for the district at a cost of $200,000.  There is an annual maintenance fee of around $50,000.

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