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Friday, November 7, 2008

Rock Hill School Board November Work Session on November 10, 2008

SCHOOL BOARD WORK SESSION                              
LOCATION:       The Phoenix Academy                    
START:  5:30 p.m.                              
DATE:  November 10, 2008                                                       
        Dinner - Cyber Café             5-5:30 
WORK SESSION - Cyber Café                      
1       Swearing in of Board Members    Don Harper      15 minutes     
2       Election of Officers    Lynn Moody      15 minutes     
3       Presentation by Phoenix Academy Walter Wolff    30 minutes     
4       Student Perspectives on Cell Phones, High School Choices        Superintendent's Student Advisory Council       45 minutes     
5       Rental of RRMS by Impact Community Church       B. Vaughan / Mike Lowery        15 minutes     
6       Policy KF - Use of Facilities   Bill Mabry      15 minutes     
7       Minor Policy Changes Suggested by SCSBA:                   KCA, IHBH, IJJ/IJJ-R, IKE-R, ILBB/ILBB-R, GCF, GDF, JFAA, JJ, JJI    Lynn Moody      10 minutes     
8       Proposed 2009-10 School Calendar        Elaine Baker    15 minutes     
9       New High School Courses Sheila Huckabee 15 minutes     
10      Certification of Delegates for 2008 Delegate Assembly   Board Chair     10 minutes     

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