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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Unsigned Letter

Every now and then, the School Board will get an unsigned letter wanting to
make the Board "aware" of gross injustices in the District. I received one
of those this week. The writer chose to remain anonymous due to "fear of
retaliation" - Although they claimed to represent a sizable portion of the
school. This was a well written letter, and for sure, there is at least one
unsatisfied person at the school.

However, the board cannot take action from anonymous sources. Nor is it the
job of the Board to get involved until proper procedures have taken place.
There are policies in place to handle the situation that was described in
the letter and these should be followed with the board being the last
appeal - not the first. I feel for the person, but the procedures are there
for a reason and need to be followed. Schools need the opportunity to
correct any wrongs before outside intervention. If you don't trust the
system, you will not be satisfied with any outcome.


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