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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Students Talk Back to Rock Hill School Board

Well...., not really. A group of student ambassadors discussed cell phone policy and virtual classes with the Rock Hill School Board Trustees at their November work session on November 10. Highlights:
  • 85% of students violate current cell phone policy
  • Harder the class and more demanding the teacher, the less likely you are going to be able to use a phone in class
  • Cheating not a big issue with phones but social text messaging is
  • Phones need to be banned from classroom, students need structure - although there needs to be some moderation. A lot of people use phones to tell time, to put items in the calendar (home work reminders for instance). It would be nice if phones could be used in "non" classroom times or at the end of each class. This would cut down on the amount of use during class.
  • Acceptable use of phones and technology is learned from parents. Have gotten very little guidance from schools on this issue (note: a lot of education technology supports suggest schools should be in the business of teaching proper use and not in restricting its use.)
  • There is a purpose for elementary, middle and high schools. Virtual classes should not be the first choice. All students should try conventional classes first and then use virtual classes after they have failed the traditional class or as a supplement to the regular class.
The students were; Sarah Matthews - Northwestern High School Student Body President; Jordan Cosper - Rock Hill High School Student Vice President; Yarheil Santa - Saluda Trail Student Ambassador; Rudi Raley - Rawlinson Road Middle School Student Body President; Hannah Maghsoud - Rawlinson Road Student Body Vice President; Nathaniel Brown - Castle Heights student ambassador.
Other items at the work session:
  • Bob Norwood, Walter Brown, Ann Reid, and Mildred Douglas were sworn in for another 4 year term of office
  • Bob Norwood was elected as Board Chair and Jim Vining was elected as Vice Chair
  • Phoenix Academy provided a tour of some of the "on-line" learning and several students spoke about their experiences.
  • There was a discussion about several items which will be on the November Business meeting - rental of Rawlinson Road Middle School Auditorium, new high school classes, and several board policy revisions
  • The proposed 2009-10 School Calendar was presented and will now be given to teachers and staff for comments. The development of the calendar was a joint effort of all York County School Districts.
  • The Board selected Ann Reid and Mildred Douglas as Delegates for the 2008 South Carolina School Board Delegate Assembly. Bob Norwood and Walter Brown were selected as alternates.
  • There was a brief discussion on EIA cuts and how that will impact the schools this year.
  • The Administration was asked to get financial numbers from the South Carolina High School League because they get 20% off the top of all tournaments, playoffs, and jamborees.

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