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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Upper State Soccer Championship To Be a York County Affair

The South Carolina Upper State Boys Soccer Championship Game will be played Tuesday, May 19 at Northwestern High School when the Fort Mill Yellow Jackets visit for a third meeting with the Trojans. The game will start at 7:00 PM with the winner facing the lower state champion (either Wando or Irmo - #2 in nation) on Saturday night in Columbia, 7 PM at the Richland District 1 stadium. The SCSoccer web site had the following post about Northwestern's game last Saturday with Mauldin:

I traveled two hours to see Northwestern play Mauldin last night due to the respect I have learned for the team, the players, and the coach. What an impressive TEAM! They play soccer the way it should be played, aggressive, clean, all in, hungry. Enzo was everything I have heard and more, helping an injured Mauldin player off the field early on and then scoring 4 goals humbly. His brother was everywhere, and dominated the game. Every player did their job, and it was pretty obvious they aren't allowed to let down or play easy by their coach. There must have been 300 students, all well behaved, all positive along with the other 200 or so adults and Mauldin fans. What a show, Trojans!

Thanks for what you have built at NW. Best $5 I ever spent.

Coach Sumwalt

Whatever the outcome, this Northwestern team is something special. If you have not seen them play, this will be your last chance in Rock Hill. All sports fans will appreciate the atmosphere that will be present for this game.

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