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Monday, June 27, 2011

June Rock Hill School Board Business Meeting Notes

The School Board took the following action:

  • The board voted 7-0 to approve the budget without designating funds to be taken from the reserve fund because of the uncertainty of how much money will be provided by the state.
  • The board voted 7-0 to approve the consent agenda (Minutes, Personnel recommendations, Impact Church facilities request, Use of activity buses during the summer, field study requests)
  • Approve appointment of the following Assistant Principals 7-0 as follows; Rock Hill High School - Dr. Emily H. McQuay; Northwestern High School - Dr. Terrance Alridge and Dr. Tom Sparks; Saluda Trail - Robert Hamm; Castle Heights - Cynthia Robinson; India Hook (new position) - Rhonda M. Kelsey.
  • Approved 6-1 two overseas field study requests with Brown against for security reasons.
  • Approved 7-0 a resolution in support of the Pennies for Progress referendum on August 2nd.
  • Approved 7-0 a recommendation for bond refunding.
  • Approved 7-0 funding flexibility
  • Approved 7-0 a motion to suspend policy JLA until changes can be brought back to the board in August.
  • After two motions failed, approved 6-1 to appeal the "required" lunch price increase and to take money from the general fund (about $18,000) so the food system can be certified for next year. Douglas voted against because she felt the money should go to employee raises instead.

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