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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


From the Oconee County Superintendent's web site:
I have three pages tabbed on my web browser, and the sites remain open each time I open my Internet browser. I do this because almost no day goes by without me referring to one of these three sites:
  • South Carolina Code of Laws, Title 59 (click here) – Title 59 covers most of the laws related to operating schools. It covers everything from the functions of a school board to the intricacies of teacher employment and dismissal.
  • South Carolina State Board of Education Regulations (click here) – This site provides all of the rules and regulations from obtaining a teaching credential to the requirements needed to receive a high school diploma.
  • School District of Oconee County Administrative Policy Manual(click here) – This is the site with all of the local policies and procedures we follow in order to comply with the Code of Laws and the State Board Regulations.

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