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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rock Hill School Board Member Makes July's American School Board Journal

Rock Hill School Board member Ginny Moe noticed a question on the ASBJ facebook page and gave an answer, which ended up in the July issue of the magazine. I have found links to this organization, and others supporting education to be a valuable source for information. You don't have to be a school board member to "like" these sites and should consider adding some.

What did Ginny say?

Under The best piece of advice I received....
When she became a school board member, Virginia S. Moe knew she would face pressure to make the correct call when a tough vote approached. But the board chair in South Carolina's Rock Hill School District helped her to quickly realize that her decision would not please everyone.

"When he was new, a big vote came up", Moe said, responding to ASBJ's Facebook question about the best piece of advice she received after joining the board. "As he walked through the crowd to his chair, he was approached by two different friends, saying they knew he'd do the right thing. But he knew each wanted him to vote differently. After he voted, he saw one of them just drop his head."

Moe, who said her chair's anecdote "made a big impression on me," benefited from the type of real-life experience that veteran school board members can pass on to those who are new on the job.

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