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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

York 5 Vs. Spartanburg 6

You know about the York County 5 verses the Spartanburg 6. The York County 5 republican state house members voted for vouchers saying that a majority in their district supported vouchers. The Spartanburg 6, all republicans, voted against vouchers saying that voters in their district supported public education. It is amazing there can be that much difference between two areas separated by only Cherokee County.

Now, I would agree our local legislators would get more comments from pro voucher folks. After all, if it passes, they will get  money in their pocket. They have an obvious incentive to be vocal.  And our legislators, by supporting vouchers, may also qualify for some additional money from  Mr. Rich - so they would have an incentive.  Anyway, it is worth thinking about why there is such a difference and what vouchers would mean for South Carolina.

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