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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sad State of Affairs in South Carolina

A month ago I promised some follow-up comments about an education meeting I attended in Columbia. I have been delaying those comments because I wasn't sure how to handle what our SC Superintendent of Education said at the meeting. I'm still working on that. Meanwhile, a blog I follow in SC,  had this post:

It has been my experience, since 2005, of local school folks receiving updates from staff members of the SC Department of Education. Each month we learned about instructional programs, proposed regulations, state testing, budget concerns, etc. It also gave local school district folks an opportunity for dialogue regarding programs and services in our state with state officials. I felt informed and enjoyed the opportunity to voice an opinion on such matters.
This exchange of information no longer happens at these meetings. It ended earlier this year when a new administration took office at the Rutledge Building in Columbia, and it may have resulted from the politics of electing a constitutional officer to oversee educational policy.
I guess this helps me understand the need in our state for this policy position to become less political. A move from being elected to being appointed may help.
It is critically important that communication and dialogue exist between local school officials and the Department responsible for policy and regulation of our schools in South Carolina. What is a better way than meeting at the table periodically for such discussion and exchange of information?

Click here to read the full post.

How can the person responsible for improving education in SC do his job without having two-way communication? It is a sad day and time for a restructuring of government.

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