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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Education Trends

From the Creating a path for learning in the 21st Century blog:

Five Trends in the Future of Education

November 6th, 2011 · No Comments · 21st century classroomchangeTrends

1. Openness – I think this trend started years ago. There is a huge feeling that education should be open and public and in this trend we have open access to research and raw data at our finger tips.
2. Greater insight into the knowledge creation process – From brain research theory to observing kids learn, when have gained valuable insight in how knowledge is created. 
3. Mobile learning. – Two things pop into mind with this trend. First, many kids now have their own mobile device- laptops, iPads, netbooks, iPods, and the list goes own. Our school infrastructures must change to allow those who are able to bring their own into the learning environment.
4. Changed role of the teacher- We will finally get rid of the idea that the teacher is the sole expert in the classroom. This is so important to the shift that is taking place in our world, and the shift that needs to happen in our classrooms. 
4. Alternative forms of assessment – The word alternate forms will be so outdated. I don’t think standardized test will leave but how we think about them politically and internally (inside the school) will change. 
5. Rethinking the classroom environment – This goes hand-in-hand with the curricula redesign necessitated by alternative forms of assessment. How should we build new (or reorganize existing) classrooms? When we think about classrooms we have to think beyond the four walls and we must think of the classroom as a global space. The environment is bigger than the classroom space but not limited.
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