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Friday, November 11, 2011

Rock Hill Schools Report Card Data

I'm sure all of you have looked at the recently released report card data and know exactly what it means. If you do, you should start a blog and report it to the rest of us. Almost by design, the report card's main function seems to be to give you a lot of  information that makes little sense to you. When what you really want to know is how we are doing compared to other districts.

I look at a few items for our district and make comparisons to districts similar to ours (listed on the report card). Unfortunately, those districts similar to ours do not include Fort Mill and Clover, two districts that are near the top in low poverty indexes and spending.

This will be the first of several posts with some of those comparisons. None of them will be on individual schools. If you are interested in individual school comparisons, I suggest you contact the schools School Improvement Council and/or Principal.

The first two graphs show teacher and administration salary comparisons. When the graph is above the 0 line, the district average is higher than districts similar to ours. The two graphs show that the administration was correct in asking the board to make teacher and administrator salary adjustments.


The following two graphs show the amount of money spent for each student and the % of the budget spent on instruction. Both graphs are comparisons. Above the line means more money or higher % of the budget when compared to districts similar to ours.

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