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Friday, November 11, 2011

Statements That Hurt Teacher Buy-In

  • "We know what works!"
Now that we finally figured out what works in education, all we have to do is get teachers to do it!
  • "Demographics don't determine destiny! (You lazy racist!)"
This phrase sets off alarm bells for teachers, who know that while demographics don't "determine destiny," they don't tell the whole story, either.
  • "Measurable results"
It's  no secret among teachers that the obsession with test scores often forces schools to do things that are bad for kids.
  • "If grocery stores were run like public schools..."
It is  worth noting that businesses aren't run for the benefit of consumers. They are run for profit, and many businesses make their biggest profit on people who don't read the fine print.
  • "We need transformational change!"
History  is filled with examples showing that good ideas, taken to extremes, become bad ideas, and that change can bring unintended consequences.

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