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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Representative Norman Letter To School Board

I attended a meeting of the South Carolina Education Connect last week, "Competing in a Global Society". There were a lot of thought provoking speakers (Mick Zais, Yong Zhao, Jamie Vollmer, Dick Riley, Hugh Leatherman, Jason Broadwater, Lucy Beckham, Christy Ray, Dick Wilkerson, Mike Patrick, Pamela Lackey) and I've been contemplating how to summarize my thoughts from the conference. Then,  I received a letter from Representative Ralph Norman, which complements some of the discussion last week. His letter is below:
You really should read the article  Rep. Norman sent. Click here to get the article that was written by Rupert Murdoch (not Steve Jobs) and appeared in the Wall Street Journal. He mentions several items that I have previously posted about. He also distorts some of the facts about the current state of education in this country, and of course, he fails to mention  his investment  in education technology (for sale to schools). Never-the-less, these are issues we need to be talking about.

Below is a television report of Murdoch's speech in San Francisco. Unfortunately, a lot of the report is devoted to a teachers union protest of his speech.

  Click here for a link to the video.

I sent an email to Rep. Norman asking for a meeting  at our Applied Technology Center to discuss the article and to see first hand some of the wonderful things we are doing with technology there. We'll have a discussion about this next week.

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