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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Parent Time is The Factor in Student Achievement

You should go to Cool Cat Teacher Blog to read the full post. Click here to go there.

The fact is that student success is more highly correlated with the parent than the teacher. A 2005 study through Harvard (Parental Involvement and Student Achievement: A Meta-Analysis) that looked at all research studies about parenting and school success found that:

"Two of the patterns that emerged from the findings were that the facets of parental involvement that required a large investment of time, such as reading and communicating with one's child, and the more subtle aspects of parental involvement, such as parental style and expectations, had a greater impact on student educational outcomes than some of the more demonstrative aspects of parental involvement, such as having household rules, and parental attendance and participation at school functions."

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Winthrop Writing Project said... is a great article by the author of The World is Flat that puts much of this data into more readable terms.

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