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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rock Hill Teachers in China

Mrs. Legrand with high school students. Photo by Patrick Maness
Richmond Drive Elementary School (via Principal Patrick Maness) has been posting pictures and information about an experience some of their teachers are having in China. You can follow the story via Twitter at Richmond Drive Elementary (!/RichmondDrive).
Mr. Mulcahey with students. photo by Patrick Maness
Over 40 teachers from Rock Hill are in China this month working with students to help their English and understanding of US culture.

Mrs Scheppegrell with students. Photo by Patrick  Maness
Some of the group will also be blogging about their experiences. Cassie Cagle has one called Southern Chopsticks.
Mrs. Morales with students. Photo by Patrick Maness
So, how is the Chinese student day different than one in Rock Hill?  How about starting school at 7 am and going until noon for lunch - then start back at 2:30 pm and going until 9 pm - then having  3 hours of homework. Did I mention the students clean the classroom at the end of the school day? 
The Number 24 School  in Shijiazhuang, China. Photo by Patrick Maness
Middle School Classroom with 60 Desks. Photo by Patrick Maness
It is interesting to note that our country (US) came to power with a belief in educating all  citizens. We developed the best higher education system in the world. Students came from all over to participate and learn. Now, while many countries offer free higher education, we are making ours so expensive that it is beyond reach for many - and - while  Chinese families value education as a path for prosperity, sending their child to school year-round and unbelievable hours in a day, our families are worried there is too much pressure on their children to succeed and want them to have 'fun'. Some of our leadership says that public education is the fault - and their solution is to cut funding - when the real reason is as close as the mirror in our homes.

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