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Sunday, September 16, 2007

District Three Second Graders Talk About School Board Trustees

What is a board member?


A person, a teacher, a man, a dentist, a man who writes on the board, teaches and gives grades to students, a girl who plays in the snow, picks up dirt at the park, swings on a swing, brings chalk boards to school, looks at papers, writes about families, teaches us not to fight, joins members to a group of people that died, buys boards, builds stuff, help you learn, helps with the date and month of the year, counts kids, plays volleyball, says the ABC’s right, tells teachers what to do, play with people if they are bored, build schools, build buildings for teachers, take care of children, look and see what teachers do, help teachers clean up, watch out for mean people, save teachers from bad people, write on boards, play with nice people, tell teachers not to be mean to kids, member of a board, put members on the board, fix our boards, write something down so they won’t forget it, come to school and write down stuff, see if the school is clean’

First Grade

What you write on, person who makes boards, a cop, scientist, a helper, a special person, a person or a book, makes toys and books, they surf, shaped like a square, who gets put on the wall, an employee, someone who helps to put the boards up, helps people just like a mother and does other stuff, person who reads, puts on a show, has lots of meetings, gives the school money, tells funny jokes, helps us learn about shapes, come to school and look at the board, is a school, a girl on a board, caretaker of boards, is a calendar, helps in the office, is a boy, a man that can tell the board what to do.

Second Grade

Help us read and write, look in at teachers to be sure they are doing right, set up different kinds of cameras so kids do not know they are being watched, go to meetings all day long, make rules for safety of the schools to make sure all the kids in the school are safe, talk on the phone all day, make sure kids are doing their job, watch over us with security cameras, just a friend, check on the teachers and principal to be sure everything is OK, write a lot of papers, must be a very hard job and a lot of work, they don’t get much sleep, it’s so hard an encyclopedia can’t do it, they are VIP’s, hardest job in the world, make sure Principals are doing their job, give us food, write science experiments for us, fixes lights, brings us tissue when our nose is running, brings us toilets – we need taller toilets, a friend, need bigger toilets, make boys and girls be nice, kind people, bring new books, bring bigger desks – they are too short, helps in the recovery room, sends reports to the state, makes laws and makes them fair, in a surfboard club and competes with other surfers, makes surfboards, get jobs for people, cover boards, play with boards,

Third Grade

Pays the bill for the schools, another helping hand, call people to get things fixed, put automatic spray in restrooms cause sometimes it doesn’t smell too good, they need to fix the toilets – not big enough – and paint the restroom walls, does the boards out in the hall, make plans for teachers, over the District and tell people at front desk what to do, boss of everything like the school and the store or the state, help fix boards, someone tall so teachers won’t have to stand on chairs, picks the healthy things for us to eat, works in the District Office, cleans floors, cleans up the school, servant of the people, guard the school, says what to do and when to do it, cooks the food for the school, boss the Principals around, helps teachers put up boards, clean up school at end of year, makes rules for school like governor makes rules for state,

Fourth Grade

Do fun stuff, is a helper, sees how kids are doing in school, tells teachers and Principals what to do, has meetings with teachers and principals, tells the Principal what to say in the morning, boss of all the schools and teachers and principals, makes things for schools, over the staff at the school, handles problems that need to be solved, the principals big big boss, make payement on school software, make decisions on how to make students healthy, our principal is the best board member ever, is why our school is so neat, they own the teachers, own the schools, come to the board and write down missing letters for you to listen and learn, a nice considerate person, help out at the office, helps raise money for the school, person who taxes people, writes down on a board when and what the school should do for the rest of the week, help teachers clean up the classroom, works in church that is really called a board tee, once a board member always a board member, looks at bulletin boards, is always bored and doesn’t have anything to do so they join a club where you can go to schools, bored members go in classrooms and help the teachers teach stuff, ride on trains and shout “all aboard”, if something breaks – they fix it, work on a ship – they load and say “all aboard”, make things out of boards, make boards for houses; shelves; and boards for bill boards, they cut down trees and make things out of wood, they name schools, come to look at classes, people who jump off buildings with no parachute, they like to play board games, run over people with 18 wheelers, jump in fish bowls with piranhas, captain of a ship, mop the deck, put out food, helps us with our work, they are skate boarders, people who decorate boards at their schools – if they do good – it will be hung in the hall of fame for board members

Fifth Grade

Makes sure your school doesn’t have asbestos and your teachers are teaching what you need to know, they do the board outside, cleans rooms at school, kind of like a janitor, listens very well, someone who follows direction well, is always on time and does their very best, an assistant from the school district, give teachers advice, help us put our school board up, help pick teachers and principals, the principals head boss, if they find a kid with a weapon they get contacted and they will get them kicked out of school, help schools win awards, keep school clean and make sure we have certified teachers, help the President build schools, also known as Board of Trustees, make big decisions like where to put schools and snow days and make-up days, works on all boards at school, helps with plays and in the cafeteria, they put banners up on the walls, helps the school out with rude gestures and bad attitudes and with gardening, they make after school programs for kids, they pay teachers, they make neat designs for school boards, they make up the recess games out side or make up the dance moves, they put good restrictions for all school in the district, help with valentines dances, they decide what school a child will go to, they collect the PACT and put it into the machine, controls all the teachers – even the principal, gives good advice, they are the principals principal, they are elected, they serve without pay, they make all the important decisions for the school, they make schools non-smoking (Yeah!), they say nice things to students, they see how much you know, it’s not a full time job – they work at other places

Gifted and Talented

Work for a little bit of money, enjoy working with children, must be good at math and science to work on budgets, good job on limiting the budget for the teachers, my Mom’s a teacher – thanks for giving my Mom rules (and many other teachers as well), responsible people, must be like politicians, schedule must be wild and crazy, help boards work

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