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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fund Transfer Request For District Three

The District Administration is recommending the transfer of $2.1 million dollars of revenue above expenses for the 2006-07 year to be spent as follows:
  • $750,000 - Security Camera Systems in secondary schools and on school buses.
  • $350,000 - Professional Development for personnel in all schools (including Principals and Assistants)
  • $1,000,000 - Artificial Turf for District Three Stadium and Multi-purpose Scoreboard

Here are some suggested alternatives:

  • Give all, or some of it, back to reduce impact on District Three Businesses
  • Complete the installation of the "smart" classrooms
  • Increase the fund balance reserve
  • Transfer to Capital debt to reduce taxes for all tax payers
  • Instead of Development for all - target a specific area - such as 3rd grade PACT results - to have accountability for Development dollars
  • Complete the staff at South Pointe High School

What do you think?


scteacher said...

As a teacher, parent, and tax payer, I would like to hear the district's justification for the request of $1,000,000 for the stadium. With the ever increasing, critical academic needs of today's students and the accompanying mandate that the schools leave no child behind, does it not seem more reasonable and right to steer that sum toward doing whatever it takes to meet this academic demand?

DB said...

I would like to see the 2.1 million in the fund balance reserve to help with the opening of new schools or used to reduce the current debt depending on the interest rate charged.

Since the School Board just allowed the district to go forward with the maximum increase allowed by law for the current school year, I feel certain that security items and professional development along with adding new staff/faculty members are addressed in the current budget. During a board meeting on the FY2007-08 budget, there was discussion about the large number of staff/faculty members that the district wanted to hire (included in the current budget). At this same meeting, it was also suggested that the school district representative should be able to better explain the large request for new funds before making it final presentation. (This request was among the largest budget every submitted and if my memory is correct it was the largest ever.)

As for upgrading the district 3 stadium, I will need more facts before giving an opinion. How long in terms of savings would it take to pay back the million dollar investment? Is it possible for the new turf to generate enough savings in water and chemical usage, seeds, etc. and perhaps a reduction to staff now dedicated to field maintenance to cover such an expense?

jn said...

I cannot see how the district can justify $ 350,000.00 for professional development and 1 million dollars for district 3 stadium. Professional development days took place last year and continue this year. I feel sure money was in the budget that the board approved for this program. Why is more money needed since this program is being accomplished sucessfully now. Second how can it be justified spending so much money for artificial turf at district 3 stadium. What about the other stadium district 3 takes care of, is that going to have artificial turf also? Why wasn't it originally designed with it since it is only a couple of years old? The district and board talk alot about equity so how would only one stadium with artifical turf be equal for all athletes in the district. If a big scoreboard with advertising is wanted, have the advertisment pay for the scoreboard. I can tell the time and score fine with one in place now. Until our scores and graduation rates are the highest in the state (or at least the county) all money and energy should be put towards the students education. This money needs to be utilized on one time expenditures such as smart boards (like what I saw at the new elementary school). This type of technology should be made available to all students ASAP, not just a limited amount per year when additional funds are available. I hope the board and district will remember the district's mission staement when deciding on how to spend this money.

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