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Thursday, September 20, 2007

School Board Meeting on Monday, September 24, 2007

Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Monday, September 24, 2007
6:00 p.m. – District Office Board Room
I. Call to Order
Approval of Agenda
(Under consent agenda, all action items will be voted on after one motion and second to approve them without discussion.

If a board member wants any action item discussed or voted on separately, the board member, before the agenda is
approved, must ask that the action item be moved to the discussion item section.)
II. Citizen Participation
III. Special Business
IV. Consent Action Agenda
A. Approval of Minutes
1. August 27, 2007, business meeting
2. September 10, 2007, work session
B. Approval of Personnel Recommendations
C. Approval of Overnight Field Trip Requests
V. Communications
VI. Report of the Superintendent
A. Announcements
B. Reassignment Report
C. Enrollment Report
D. October Professional Development Days
E. Options for Youth
F. Phoenix Bound
G. Effectiveness Needs Survey
VII. Review of Work Session
VIII. Action Agenda
A. Approval of Fund Balance Transfer to Football Field, Professional Development, and Security.
B. Approval of Promotion/Retention Policy IKE/IKE-R, 1st Reading
C. Approval of Personnel Policies GBEB & GCQF, 2nd Reading
D. Assignment of Delegates for SCSBA 2007 Delegate Assembly
IX. Other Business – Legislative Contacts
X. Executive Session – Personnel Issues
XI. Adjournment

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Please consider public opinion before approving the spending of surplus funds!!!!

A $2.1 million dollar surplus is great news but if the required fund balance is not currently being met then I think we should transfer the available funds to the fund balance. But it seems like the “required fund balance” is not truly a requirement or else the school district and the board would not be considering other options. From the work sessions notes from September 10, 2007, I read requests for turf, professional development, and security but nothing to assist in student learning. The current operating budget, the largest in history with a double digit increase from last year’s funds, included funds to address the needs for a lot of new hires, professional development and other items like “climate” (or safety) improvements, so why ask for more funds in these areas? I would think that student learning would be at the top of any wish list on how to spend $2.1 million. But in light of recent violence at our schools, I can see the need for more security if in fact you don’t have to meet the required fund balance.

On the subject of security, I just don’t quite understand why parents are not alerted about situations that require a lock down of schools. Since the voice enhancement system is used for fund raisers and other information, why can’t it be used to inform parents about dangerous situations within schools? It sure seems like somebody is trying to make light of these situations. We should make this type of information public and work toward finding solutions. Hiding unpleasant information will not make anything better. We need to collectively stand up to bad behavior and misguided reactions in order to make things better. Schools are learning environment. If we need to add a class on acceptable behavior during school hours, then add the class. It could probably meet state requirements for elective hours. Yes, I think it is sad that our society in generally has tolerated bad behavior because we shouldn’t offend anyone or the particular act is not as bad as other actions that we have seen. Let’s step of normal operating into a new environment of strict enforcement of the established rules. The school district needs parental support to make this work. If your child happens to make a mistake, parents please don’t make excuses for this action but use the mistake as a lesson to teach right from wrong. We are dealing with children, and children at all ages still need boundaries and guidance.

To the issue of turf, or teacher development, if you ask coaches and teachers to respond then I fully expect any response to be that of desperate need because that are the very ones that will benefit. If you ask the general public, I suspect that you would get a very different answer about what is a need verses a want. Giving that we do not have unlimited funds we can’t really entertain wants at this point. We must address true need like extra security or student learning based unacceptable test scores.

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