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Friday, March 7, 2008

Harriet Bucy, longtime Rock Hill educator, dies

By Andrew Dys · The Herald
Updated 03/07/08 - 9:50 AM

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File, Tracy Smith-Kimball
Harriett Bucy, wh was the Rock Hill school district's community leadership director for 23 years, died Thursday.
Harriet Bucy, who started the Rock Hill school district community partnership program in 1985 that became a national model and ran it until her retirement three years ago, died Thursday night at home, said Elaine Baker, spokesperson for the school district. Bucy, a native of West Virginia, survived by a husband, John, three grown sons and two grandchildren, was 69.
The community partnership program that brought in millions in donations, and Bucy was also instrumental in creating the school district's foundation. She taught at Rawlinson Road Middle School from 1982 to 1985 when the school was a junior high school.
Her community legacy spans education, the arts, and civic involvement. She helped start environmental education programs, had a hand in York Hill's arts community and the county museum development, and helped with projects ranging from dropout prevention to children's and minority scholarships.

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