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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Technology Counts Open House – Full Access

Dear Educator:
Get another Spring Break at!  Technology Counts 2008: STEM: The Push to Improve Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is now online.  Access to this special annual report and ALL content is totally free through April 7. 
With the ever-increasing focus on STEM across the country, you will want to know …
how your state stacks up.  See the detailed state reports, as well as the interactive map showing every state's grades.
how future teachers are learning to incorporate technology across subjects, and where real success is being made.
what new requirements states are putting in place to close the technology gap.
While you are reviewing Technology Counts 2008, you may want to check the 2007 report.   Technology Counts 2007: A Digital Decade looks back over a decade of tremendous change and upheaval in educational technology, and what it means for the future of education.  Check it out now at You may also want to see the regular, extensive coverage of educational technology solutions on

While everything is free and open on, be sure to look at some of the other regular features you don't normally see:
·         The latest education news from the Associated Press, and the best from newspapers around the U.S. and the world
·         Over 25 years of archives on the educational topics that matter most to you
·         Special annual reports, Quality Counts, Technology Counts and Diplomas Count, for the benchmarks you have come to rely on.
If you like what you see on, get even more out of this open house by adding a 4-week subscription to Education Week in print.  This trial offer of 4 weeks of online and print access is only available for a limited time at
Tell your colleagues about the Open House from March 26 through April 7, so they can get the most out of it as well! See you there.
Best regards,
Virginia B. Edwards
Editor and Publisher

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