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Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 15 District 3 Retreat Notes

No votes were taken at the workshop, but the Board suggested the
administration pursue the following:

1. Maximum school size should be determined by the size of the school and
not based on school programs of; 600 for elementary; 900 for middle; and
1800 for high school. This delays the need for another middle or high school
for a number of years.
2. The district should continue looking for land for a traditional 4th high
3. The district should pursue a joint partnership with York Tech for an
"early" college/technical school magnet, or school of choice. This would be
located on or adjacent to York Tech and would utilize a lot of the
facilities of York Tech. This school would have a lot of dual credit
courses (high school and college credit). IB and AP courses would probably
stay at the existing high schools.
4. The board was intrigued by a downtown "partnership" school, but felt this
would not be a reality for some time.

York Tech is the 7th largest tech school in the state, but because of
existing partnerships with area schools, they are #1 in providing dual
credit courses.

The downtown school model was very interesting. A six or seven story
building, linked to a proposed county library with shared courtyard and
parking facilities. The bottom floor would have retail facilities and a
food court, the top floor could house a relocated district office. All the
programs would be linked to partnerships with downtown agencies, businesses,
and Winthrop. There would be no gym or cafeteria.

The administration believes they can build another elementary school without
floating a bond referendum. The board indicated this should not be done at
the expense of maintaining existing schools.

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