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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rock Hill School District Teacher Response to IPADS

Below are a selection of the responses provided by 247 teachers of the Rock Hill School District. I'm not sure what the results tell you. Should there be a concern that only 25% responded? Was there equal representation from across the district to give some statistical significant's? Would you go to the bank with this?

Teacher Responses to iPad Survey
How can we garner support from teachers?

  • Integrate them into daily use like attendance, e-mail, etc.
  • Help us find relevant apps
  • Provide information about the vision and plan
  • Subject and grade level specific professional development
  • Show how the device can enhance teaching and learning
  • Extensive professional development training/play

How can we garner support from students?

  • No problem – they love it!
  • Provide access for everyone
  • Instill pride of being on cutting edge

How can we garner support from parents?

  • Communicate – host parent nights – parent seminars
  • Show the benefits
  • Show the data for how it improves achievement
  • Address safety training
  • Make it affordable – offer incentives or discounts
  • Rent-to-own, or payment plans would help

How can we garner support from the community?

  • Make it the message of how they benefit students
  • Explain future jobs effect
  • Show how we save money
  • Have students do the talking – show student work
  • Ask for ways for students to “earn” an iPad

What types of professional development do we need for teachers?

  • Foundations 
  • How to integrate into meaningful instruction
  • Teachers teaching teachers
  • Ongoing and informal
  • Integrated with Common Core
  • Different levels (basic, intermediate, advanced)

What type of professional development do we need for parents?

  • Basic skills – iParents 101
  • How to take care of it
  • How to learn on it
  • Monitor use – safety

How can we raise money to help families who may not be able to purchase an iPad for their children?

  • Don’t just give it – students should have to earn it
  • Must demonstrate need
  • Business donations
  • Solicit help from PTO, Boosters, and SICs
  • Write grants

What kind of technical support is needed? Who can provide this support?

  • Direct support from Apple
  • Hotline, Help Desk, Frequently Asked Questions, How To Manual
  • Partner with local businesses willing to volunteer
  • District Office Technology Team
  • Media Specialist at each school
  • Teacher professional development
  • School-based teacher or assistant
  • Partner with York Technical College
  • Student interns

What is your greatest concern?

  • Theft, damage, loss of the iPads
  • Widening the digital divide
  • Monitoring and supervision of inappropriate use
  • Cost of apps and iTunes
  • Not fair to pass on cost to parents
  • Students who don’t have internet access at home
  • Should be phased in
  • Time for professional development
What excites you most about this process?

  • Learning anytime anywhere
  • 21st Century learners
  • Going paperless
  • Real world learning – preparing for global society
  • Student engagement increases
  • Ability to differentiate lessons
  • Current information and research possibilities
  • No textbooks

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