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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rock Hill School District Teachers of The Year Announced

The administration of Rock Hill Schools is pleased to announce the school-level Teachers of the Year for 2012-13.  Congratulations to:
Kate Barnes                                        Central Child Development Center                                  K4
Elicia Miller                                          Belleview Elementary                                                            K4
Leslie Cash                                          The Children’s School at Sylvia Circle                               Guidance
Julie Hiott                                            Ebenezer Avenue Elementary                                           K4
Kimberly George                              Ebinport Elementary                                                              Grade 2
Alaina Brekoski                                 Finley Road Elementary                                                        Spec. Ed./Resource
Corrie Holiday                                    Independence Elementary                                                  Grade 5
Heather Rollings                               India Hook Elementary                                                          Grade 4
Ashlyn Shugart                                  Lesslie Elementary                                                                  Grade 2
Chastity Griffin                                  Mount Gallant Elementary                                                  Grade 5
Jennifer Newstead                         Mount Holly Elementary                                                       Media Specialist
Mabra Herlong                                  Northside Elementary School of the Arts                      Grade 5
Kathy Davenport                              Oakdale Elementary                                                               Physical Education
Brenda Capps                                    Old Pointe Elementary                                                          Grade 4
Sarah Rogers                                      Richmond Drive Elementary                                                Grade 4
Jennie Ashworth                              Rosewood Elementary                                                          Grade 1
Debbie Davis                                      Sunset Park Center for Accelerated Studies                 Grade 3
Shemia Thompson                          York Road Elementary                                                           Grade 4
Cathy Lavender                                Castle Heights Middle                                                            Special Ed./Resource
Carla White                                         Dutchman Creek Middle                                                       Grade 8 Math
Robin Hightower                              Rawlinson Road Middle                                                         Grade 8 Math/Science
LaChanda Hare                                  Saluda Trail Middle                                                                  Grade 8 Science
Michelle Fletcher                             Sullivan Middle                                                                         Grade 6 Science
Mark Dellinger                                  Applied Technology Center                                                 Auto Collision/Repair
Jeff Venables                                    Northwestern High                                                                 Science
Carol Weaver                                     Rock Hill High                                                                             English
Lance Roberts                                   South Pointe High                                                                    Health
Focused Learning
Debbie Gladden                               Exceptional Student Education                                          Psychologist
Nicole Jordan                                     Flexible Learning Center (Phoenix Academy)              Special Ed./Resource
Elaine T. Baker
Director of Information Services
Rock Hill Schools

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