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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Rock Hill Summer Reading Coalition

Palmetto Mornings: 05/24/12 Terry Plumb

Posted May 24, 2012 4:11 pm, Modified: May 24, 2012 4:11 pm | Filed under Palmetto Mornings
By Colleen Brannon
York County Library’s Dream Big reading program.

The Rock Hill Summer Reading Coalition, comprised of community volunteers and employees of Rock Hill Schools, the York County Library, Winthrop University, and others is sponsoring a "Summer Reading Challenge" for elementary schools. The winning school will receive a $500 cash award sponsored by Continuum Capital Advisory.
The rules for the Challenge are below. Read them and encourage your students to participate. Winning the exceptional cash prize could benefit your school in many ways, but think of the benefits for our students who continue to read during the summer.

Proposed Rules for
Summer Reading Challenge

1. A $500 cash award will go to the Rock Hill School District elementary school that has the highest percentage of students who complete the “Dream Big” reading log. The percentage of students participating will be based on the official population count of each school as determined on the final attendance in the Spring 2012 term, as reported by RHSD. The percentage shall be calculated to 1/10 of a percentage point or further, if necessary. In the event of an absolute tie, the $500 prize will be split equally among winning schools.

2. Eligible children will include all children who were enrolled in kindergarten through fifth grade for the spring semester 2012. Logs turned in on behalf of children who are to enroll in kindergarten in the Fall 2012 term will NOT count. When they turn in a completed log, rising sixth-graders should report for their elementary school, not the middle school they will attend in the fall.

3. To be counted, the log must be obtained from a branch of the York County Library, the YCL Bookmobile or other Library outreach initiative (e.g., visit to daycare center). Logs must be originals. Reproductions will not be accepted.

4. This is for a single log. Students who turn in more than one completed log will not be counted more than once.

5. To be counted, logs must be turned in to the York County Library by
6 p.m., Friday, July 27, 2012. Logs received after the deadline will not be counted for the contest.

6. Determination of the winning school will be made by the Summer Reading Coalition, based on data supplied by the YCL and RHSD.

7. The monetary prize will be presented to the winning school and made out to that school’s PTO, provided the organization has 501(c3) status. If not, the check will be made out to the Rock Hill School District on behalf of the winning school.

8. Timing and method for announcing the winning school shall be coordinated by the YCL and the Summer Reading Coalition.

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