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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2010 is an Election Year

I hope everyone was able to watch the debates on SC ETV the past two days for the governors race. One of those candidates was in town last week seeking opinions for how the next governor should proceed. The group I was in offered the following advice:
  • Collaborate. The next governor should mix it up with members of the house and senate (both parties) and work together to find a direction for the state.
  • Comprehensive Tax Reform. The state needs to review all taxes (and exemptions) and come up with a taxing policy which is fair and stable - then leave it alone.
  • Revise State Government. State government is not very functional. It needs to be made into something that works for the current century. A lot of current state-wide offices should be rolled into a cabinet for the governor to appoint.
There was also a State Superintendent of Education Debate at Sullivan Middle School last week. Six of the Eight candidates participated.  All said some good things (and some questionable things as well). I came away thinking this position should  be appointed to get the best "education" candidate.

Don't forget about the photo shoot at District Three Stadium today (Tuesday, May 4, 2010) at 5 pm. The objective is to say that we value public education and will support candidates we believe support public education. It is not an endorsement for any candidate. 

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