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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Noresco Has A Sweet Deal With Rock Hill Schools

Noresco made a presentation the the Rock Hill School Board during the Monday work session. Noresco is the company that performed an energy management project with the district - starting in 2006 and finishing up in late 2008. The current school year is the first time the system has been in place from the start of the budget year. The guaranteed savings, calculated by Noresco, should have been $799,081. Noresco calculates the actual savings to be $845,770.  However, the district says energy costs are only down a little more than $200,000 - and when you combine the payments to Noresco - our actual costs have gone up.

So what gives? Well, for the most part, Noresco's savings are indeed calculated, and not actual. When they installed more efficient equipment, they claim the calculated savings. Doesn't mean we are not saving money - just that the contract is more a guarantee for Noresco than for the district.

Noresco was asked to provide benchmark energy usage data (per square foot of building) since our operations consultant's benchmark showed we had the highest cost per square foot of the school districts bench marked.

Get get a look at the proposed 2010-11 Rock Hill Schools Calendar, click here.

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