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Friday, May 7, 2010

Rock Hill Schools Announce The 2010-11 Teachers of The Year

The 2010-11 Rock Hill School District Teachers of the year are as follows:

Applied Technology Center -Tammy Harrelson

Belleview Elementary -  Lynda  Foster

Castle Heights Middle -  Jessica  Davis

Central Child Development Center  - Kizzie Kirkpatrick

Children's School at Sylvia Circle  -  Sharon  Gayton

Dutchman Creek Middle  - Bud  Cope

Ebenezer Avenue Elementary  - Stacy Gumphrey

Ebinport Elementary  - Daphney  Wells

Exceptional Student Education  - Lori  Finnerty

Finley Road Elementary  - Melissa  Shaffer

Flexible Learning Center -  Shannon  Reed

Independence Elementary  - Bianca  Chivers-White

India Hook Elementary -  Karen  Roof

Lesslie Elementary  - Tammy  Smith

Mount Gallant Elementary  - Susan  Dixon

Mount Holly Elementary -  Kim  Simpson

Northside Elementary School of the Arts  - Darlene  Knox

Northwestern High  - Patti  Tate

Oakdale Elementary  - France  (Missy)  Young

Old Pointe Elementary -  Elizabeth  (Beth)  Hollingsworth

Rawlinson Road Middle -  Jaime  Arrington

Rock Hill High  - Lynn  Bogan

Rosewood Elementary  - Leigh  Knox

Saluda Trail Middle  - Tim  Davis

South Pointe High  - Michael  Belk

Sullivan Middle  - Nia  German

Sunset Park Center for Accelerated Studies  - Jessica  Bowman

York Road Elementary  - Graham  Stafford

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