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Sunday, May 23, 2010

SC 4A Champs Again - Northwestern Boys Soccer Team

Top 4 photos from The State Newspaper. Bottom 2 photos from The Rock Hill Herald

"We missed some shots in the first half we should have made and it would have been a different game if we'd taken a 2-0 or 3-0 lead into the half," Irmo coach Phil Savitz said. "Northwestern seems to turn it on in big games.

“They turn it on in the big games,” Irmo coach Phil Savitz said. “That’s the hallmark of a great program, and it’s no accident that two of the great programs in the state keep meeting each other here.”

"I knew we would score,'' Garbanzo said. "Coach (Dom) Wren changed our game plan at the half. We came out and perfected it; the goals kept coming. This feels like last year all over. I get to come back next year and it would be nice to win three straight."

"I'm speechless,'' Foster said. "I was the goalie when we won the last two, and was out on the field tonight. All I can really say is I'm proud to have been a part of this program the last four seasons."

"We believed we could do it," Martinez said. "We didn't play like we believed in the first half, but we went out with a new plan in the second. Coach Wren told us to which players to check and told us to keep the ball on our forwards' feet. We went out and took care of business."

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