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Monday, October 4, 2010

Are Teachers Part-Time People?

The cartoon is interesting. I think a lot of students  think teachers don't have a life after school. I've also seen blog posts since "Waiting For Superman" was released, where some folks think the new modern teacher should give out cell phone numbers and be accessible 24/7.

Let me just say, more power to the teachers who do that, but that is the worst thing we could do to improve education. What we should require is a process where critical classroom information is available 24/7 via the web or homework hot lines - and - we should require accountability from students on parents on the proper process for getting help and/or information.

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vamoe said...

Yes indeedy! I am about sick of hearing that the only ways to improve schools are to expect teachers to work 24 hours a day (thus setting the bad example of burn out and no life) and also get about $25,000 per child from private sources. Imagine what the public schools could do if you gave them $25,000 per child like a lot of these highly touted "turn-around" schools get!

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