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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rock Hill School Board Candidates

Picture by Melissa Cherry, Rock Hill Herald. Candidates, left to right: Jim Vining, Ann Morrison, Wanda Carr, Jay Johnson, Ginny Moe, Jeff Nicholson, David Thompson, Mikki Rentschler, Jane Sharp

It's getting down to the wire with the Rock Hill School Board Election. If you get a chance, thank the candidates for offering for public service. It is healthy to have so many folks interested, and, if you've never done it, takes some courage.

Who would make a good school board member. It is not necessarily someone who thinks like you. They need to be someone who understands the board/superintendent relationship, works well with others, is willing to share ideas, and collaborate to make ideas better.

Every vote counts. Please look at all candidates, county and state, and decide which ones you believe will represent your education issues - and then support them with your vote on November 2nd.

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