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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 Forum For Rock Hill School Board Candidates

York County Regional Chamber of Commerce
Rock Hill Area Council
2010 Candidate Forum

October 19; Rock Hill School District
7:00 p.m. – Rock Hill School Board

Panel representatives (invited): The Herald, CN2, and WRHI

Cost/audience: Free and open to the public


  • School Board candidates will be seated up front, just prior to 7:00pm; School Board candidates will exit the stage upon completion of the closing statement of the final candidate;
  • Each set of candidates will receive 45-second opening statements, questions from a media panel, and 45-second closing statements;
  • The order for the opening statements will be alphabetical (by last name) and by seat, with the speaking order rotated for the questions and closing statements;
  • Participating candidates will be introduced at the appropriate time by the first and last names provided on the County Election Office website;
  • Candidates will have 30 seconds to answer each question;
  • Candidates will be notified by display of a yellow card when 10 seconds are remaining in their allotted time for opening/closing statements and questions;
  • Candidates will also be notified with a red card when time has expired, and candidates will not be allowed to continue answering any question after time has expired;
  • All questions (from the moderator and panel) will be directed to all candidates; questions will remain secure until asked at the forum.
  • In delivering opening/closing statements and answering questions, candidates will be encouraged to focus on issues rather than opponents
Forum Time Schedule

7:00      Welcome, explanation of format, introduction of all School Board members
7:05 School Board Candidates 45-second opening statement
7:12 Question #1 to School Board Candidates 
7:18 Question #2 to School Board Candidates 
7:24 Question #3 to School Board Candidates
7:30 Question #4 to School Board Candidates
7:36 School Board Candidates 45-second closing statement
7:43 Conclusion / Announcements

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