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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rock Hill Schools October Work Session Notes - Is Drug Testing In The Future?

The Rock Hill School Board held their October work session at Mt. Holly Elementary School on Monday, October 11, 2010.  These are my notes:

Mt. Holly Elementary School gave a presentation on how they are developing relationships with at risk children and how they have seen improved performance.

The Northwestern Athletic Director made a presentation on developing a policy for random drug testing of all students in extra-curricular activities (athletes, clubs, students with parking permits). The board had no objection to developing a policy but the following comments were made:
  • I don't see why we should be picking on athletes. If it's good for athletes, it should be good for the whole student body.
  • Why don't we add a drug test to the required physical every year for athletes?
  • If random drug testing is good, why are we not doing it for our own employees?
  • We already have a policy dealing with students who test positive for drugs - need to be sure we don't have a problem with this.
The board met with several administrators on the benefits of their professional development.

The board heard a report on the difficulty of collecting drivers training and academic fees. The board directed the administration to either get tough with the delinquents or give the money back to those who have already paid. It was brought out that parents didn't realize their child's school gets short changed if they don't pay the fee because the schools budget was reduced by the amount of academic fees the school was supposed to collect.

The board directed the Chair to write a letter to the State School Board Association in protest of all meetings being held at either Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach. If they were held in Columbia, most boards could attend without the expense of an overnight stay. There was some talk of dropping out of the association.

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