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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Cycle of Poverty

I attended York County Day with our state legislators on Wednesday. There was plenty of talk about what should be done ( but wont), and what will be done (not much in an election year). There was very little talk about education - sometimes that is a good thing with our state legislature - and there was absolutely no talk about what is mentioned today in the Educating South Carolina blog. The irony, what is discussed in the blog could be the major issue facing education improvement for South Carolina.
Click here to read the post from the Educating South Carolina blog and let me know what you think. Should this have been discussed?

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Educating South Carolina said...

Thanks for reading, Jim.

We're on the same page on this topic: Unless and until South Carolina's lawmakers address the root problems underlying a family's inability to support their children's learning process, we'll keep getting the same results we've always gotten.

And those results are spelled out clearly in another note I posted last week:

Glad to add you to my blogroll, and hope you'll check back often.

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