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Thursday, February 2, 2012

South Pointe's Football Players Can Use Your Help

From South Pointe High School's S.P.I.N. magazine:

Varsity football fundraises for championship rings

Skylar Jackson
Head varsity football coach Strait Herron takes orders for the fundraiser hoodies to raise money for State Championship rings. The team is also selling T-shirts, pictured here. Photo by Brandon Barber.
As the anticipation to receive their state championship rings begins, the football players are conducting fundraisers to raise money for the rings.
“We are selling Boston Butts, which are 10 pounds of barbeque for $25. We are also selling T-shirts and hoodies,” quarterback Devin Pearson said.
The football team also held a live and silent auction Jan. 20. One of the items auctioned was South Pointe cornhole boards with the football players’ names on them.
Head varsity football coach Strait Herron said that the team needs to raise a lot of money because the rings are very expensive.
“It would really help us a lot if the students will buy the T-shirts and hoodies. I think we have $18,000 towards the rings, but we still have about $6,000 to go,” Herron said.
What will the rings look like? Even the football players don’t know.
“Students or players cannot see the rings until the night of the banquet or else its bad luck,” said Herron.
The banquet  will be sometime at the end of February.
A lot of people are really excited about receiving state rings, even Principal Al Leonard.
“I’m excited that the team did well. I’m really happy for Coach Herron,” said Leonard.

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