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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Generation 'Gimme'?

That's right, are our children of today the generation of 'gimme' - and are  public schools responsible for this? They are if you believe "Fox and Friends". I received the email below from Swain Sheppard, SCD5 Patriots Treasurer, who forwarded an email from Glenn McCall, the York County Republican Chair. Seems a professor of economics at Valencia College in Orlando, Jack Chambless, talked about a beginning class project he does with his mostly sophomore students. He asks them to write a 10 minute essay on what the American Dream means to them and what they would like the Federal Government do for them to help them achieve their dream. Well, you can imagine the things that were included about what they'd like the federal government to do for them - after all - it was a dream.. The kicker comes at about the 2 minute 25 second mark when Mr. Chambless says the public schools are at fault because none of the students could recall learning anything about; Adam Smith; John Locke or; Hayek (I think).

My first reaction was, has this guy ever worked with high school and college age kids before? Surely he should know there would be no acknowledgement of prior instruction. But then, there is a good chance a lot of students at the less prestigious colleges have never had instruction on those guys. If it's not in the SC State standards, or required for SC graduation, it probably wasn't a subject to be covered.  Maybe that is something our local legislative delegation should take up.

So, should it be? That's a good discussion topic we should have soon.

Emails and video below:
This video pretty much summarizes why alot of the people in the Cities,Counties,States, and Country are not happy with our school systems. Please view and if you would send me your thoughts. It is 5 minutes long.
Swain Sheppard
GPS Conservatives for Action-Treasurer
----- Original Message -----
From: Glenn McCall
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2012 9:06 AM
Subject: FYI: Please watch this video of a college professor and what he learned about students' expectations from government...scary!!!

If you haven’t seen the below short video please, take a moment and watch it… see what a college professor learned about students' expectations from government. Scary!!! This is what is wrong in our country and why we must work hard to get more conservatives to run for local school board and in the class rooms.

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