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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rock Hill School Board Business Meeting Notes

The Rock Hill School Board held its February Business meeting on Monday, February 27, 2012 at the District Office. The following action items were approved without opposition:

  • The consent agenda of previous meeting minutes, personnel recommendations, facility requests from churches, and 3 overnight field study requests.
  • Approved the administration's recommendation to allow District 3 activity buses to be used for 5 events (Worthy Boys Camp, YMCA summer camp, United Way summer camp, Youth Soccer Championships, and Velodrome Grand Opening). Expenses will be covered for all but the Worth Boys Camp.
  • Approved policies DC and KBC for first reading.
  • Approved policies GBEB and JICDA for second and final reading.
The board recognized the following:
  • District staff recognized this month as Distinguished Climbers.
  • Board members Ann Reid and Bob Norwood for reaching board milestones.
  • Sullivan Middle School 7th grader, Anna Milligan, who won a recent state wrestling tournament. Anna was an inspiration to all. Being a girl is significant, but Anna is also blind.
  • Sullivan Middle School Principal Michael Waiksnis on being South Carolina's administrator of the year.
The board heard reports on the following:
  • Three Mt. Gallant 5th graders showed some of their recent class activities.
  • The administration reported  the energy management program started last year has saved over $1 million dollars. Oakdale Elementary was the star performer, reporting a whopping 54% reduction. Castle Heights Middle School and The Flexible Learning Center reported reductions of 39% and 38%. Ebinport Elementary School was the first school in SC to achieve the Energy Star designation and now we have 12 schools meeting the standard. Our goal is to have all schools meeting the standard by the second anniversary of the program. There was some minor controversy with the hiring of a energy manager last year, but the results have shown a much bigger benefit than was expected. Energy savings were adjusted for changes in heating and cooling degree changes from the base year of 2009.
  • The board received a report on Federal funds used to help negate the affects of poverty in our schools. The largest amount of almost $4 million is for Title I schools. These funds don't show up in the general fund budget or on the state report cards showing the money spent per student. The board does not approve how these funds are used, but as most federal programs, there are plenty of restrictions on how the money must be spent.
  • The board received an update on the process for evaluating the possible outsourcing of our food service program.

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