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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rock Hill High's Virtual Enterprise Wins Awards

Virtual Enterprise Brings Home Awards

April 27, 2012

Results from the Virtual Enterprise Trade Fair: Bearcat Merchant and Cat Tracks did an outstanding job representing Rock Hill High School. If you see one of the following employees listed below, please ask them about their competition and congratulate them on a job well done! 
Company Newsletter: 1st Bearcat Merchant – Jennifer Brown & Casey Long 2nd Cat Tracks – DJ Boger, Dominique Matthews & Michael Washington 
Human Resources: 1st Cat Tracks – Emillie Benka & Chole Johns 3rd Bearcat Merchant – Will Hinson & Jack Higginbotham(Written Employee Manual) 
Marketing Plan: 3rd Bearcat Merchant – Jennifer Brown & Casey Long 4th Cat Tracks – Emillie Benka 
Direct Sales: 3rd Cat Tracks – Emillie Benka & Chloe Johns 4th Bearcat Merchant – Jamal Blake & Gabbi Potts 
Sales Catalog Design: 3rd Bearcat Merchant - Jamal Blake, Michel’le Logan & Gabbi Potts Web Site Design 2nd Cat Tracks – Developer: Quay James 
Presenters: DJ Boger & Justin Horne Trade Fair Booth Design 2nd Cat Tracks Company (Lead Designer: Justin Horne) 3rd Bearcat Merchant Company 
Lead Designers: Austin Bailey & Casey Long Trade Fair Salesmanship 4th – Cat Tracks Company Video Commercial Presentation Cat Tracks Scored 40/40 (100%) Chloe Johns, Dominique Matthews & Tyler Wilk

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