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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rock Hill Schools April Business Meeting Notes

The Rock Hill School Board held its April Business meeting on Monday, April 23, 2012.

Laurie Benson and Dave Keely spoke to the board under citizen participation about the importance of adding additional teeth to the proposed wellness policy the board was considering. This is the first time in 14 years there have been any citizen comments on a proposed board policy.

Dr. Martha Edwards made a presentation to the board on the connection of wellness to student performance and gave examples of school districts that have implemented wellness policies and programs and how they have been able to increase academic performance and reverse the national trend of obesity.

Dr. Moody talked to the board about how a balanced wellness policy was much more than food service and included; nutrition; physical activity; health; and life style choices (tobacco, alcohol, drugs).

The board took the following action:

  • Approved the agenda with a 7-0 vote
  • Approved the administration's recommendation to promote Christopher Roorda, currently an Assistant Principal at Finley Road, to the Principal's position at Finley Road for the next school year. (Current Principal Al Bogan is retiring). The vote was 7-0
  • Approved the consent agenda with a 7-0 vote (minutes, personnel recommendations, 6 facility requests, a field study request for York Road Elementary School to go to Knoxville, TN.)
  • The board voted 5-2 (Vining and Moe against) to approve Wellness Policy - ADF for second and final reading. This came after the board defeated a motion to table until the May business meeting with a 3-4 vote (Norwood, Reid, Douglas, Brown against). Vining asked to table so comments made by Dr. Moody could be added and to clean up some policy limits other board members had suggested. Those voting against said they didn't want to discuss the policy any more.
  • The board voted 7-0 to move the May business meeting to Tuesday, May 28 to avoid a conflict with Memorial day.
The board recognized:
  • The April "Distinguished Climbers"
  • The Future Business Leaders of America Team at Rock Hill High. Charleigh Caldwell - 1st place in Client Services, Dylan Baker, Drew Bridges and Jake Walker - 2nd place in Business Presentation,  advisers: Lisa Tompkins, Pam Poag, Jennifer Molnar, Carolyn Lesslie and Paula Hough.
The board heard the following reports:
  • Ebinport Elementary School had several students showcase their Spanish language skills.
  • Richmond Drive Elementary School reported on their summer reading coalition involving the South Carolina Diversity Leadership Institute and the York County Library.
  • A brief report on the district's 135 day student count was made (numbers are up only because the district added 90 students in 4K. A comparison of year to year numbers for K-12 shows a decrease for  the second year in a row.)
  • The Superintendent reported on Leadership Development initiatives underway in the district.
  • The Superintendent reported food service outsourcing questions have been posted on the district's web site as well as the proposal request for food service.

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