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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Professional Development For 1 to 1

Teachers rarely get to be on the front end to the changes which they are asked to implement. I wonder how many teachers will get to go to the conference listed below?
From Project Red:
2 days on-site for hands-on learning in a successful 1:1 school district.

  • September 26-27, Klein Independent School District, Klein, TX
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  •  November 15-16, Auburn City Schools, Auburn, AL
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  •  December 3-4, River Dell School District, River Edge, NJ
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Register your technology planning team for two days of intense hands-on learning in a district that has successfully implemented 1:1 technology.
  1. See first-hand how 1:1 technology has transformed teaching and learning for teachers and students. 
  2. Network with other district leaders at various stages of technology implementation.
  3. Learn, through hands-on applications, which factors in  Project RED's  research have led to success.
  4. Work with your team to develop or refine your district's technology plan using the learnings you've gained.

Topics covered in the Institute include:


  • Vision/ Mission
  • Leading Change/2nd Order Change
  • Financial Planning
  • Project Planning & Management


  • Common Core/Standards & Benchmarks
  • Curriculum & Integration
  • Digital Content
  • Pedagogy


  • Setting up your network
  • Device selection criteria: functionality and goals; lease vs. buy.  
  • BYOD
  • Filtering, LMS, DMS
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