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Saturday, September 1, 2012

South Pointe High School Graduate Stars in Short Video

2012 South Pointe High School graduate Catherine Allen.
Click here for a link to the video.

And from the Charlotte Observer:

Grad takes gap year, works with couture designer Luis Machicao

By Brittany Penland
  • Catherine Allen, 18, is a recent graduate of South Pointe High School. Catherine is taking a gap year before college to pursue a career as a professional actress. Photo courtesy of Catherine Allen


    •  Performs in a vocal duo called Just-N-Cat.
    •  Participates in tap, jazz and ballet.
    •  Former Girl Scout.
    •  Played violin in middle and high school orchestras.

This week, we get advice from Catherine Allen, 18, a recent South Pointe High graduate. Catherine is taking a gap year before college to pursue acting. She is now an assistant in New York City to designer Luis Machicao. She assists with fashion shows and a documentary. Catherine will also appear in the upcoming Christian-values film “Secrets in the Fall,” which is scheduled to begin filming in Hendersonville in October.
Q: When did you first become interested in fashion?
At age 11 when I received my first sewing machine. I made a T-shirt pillow.
Q: Where do you draw your inspiration?
The streets. Fashion is everywhere and in everything we do.
Q: What has been the greatest moment about working with Luis?
When he allowed me to run my first fashion show. I ran his Columbia (S.C.) Fashion Week show. The job required arriving five hours early to fit the models, and check hair and makeup, along with running backstage while Luis was in the audience. This allowed Luis time to talk with the patrons and actually enjoy the show instead of being behind the scenes.
Q: What has been the most challenging aspect of the job?
Pleasing Luis. … If it’s not his way, it’s the wrong way during a show. If he does not approve of a model’s hair and makeup, she/he doesn’t walk.
Q: When you’re tired and don’t want to work anymore, how do you keep going?
I don’t give up… I will keep working until the task is completed, whether it’s learning lines or getting models ready for the runway.
Q: To be considered wise, what must you know?
You must be organized, know how to keep a calendar, and most important, you must have a phone in hand at all times.
Q: What is a motto you tend to live by?
Never give up and network with everyone you meet.
Q: What is a fun fact about yourself?
I am the only redhead in my family.
Q: What is your dream role as an actress?
I have always been fascinated with history of the Holocaust and one of my dream acting roles is Anne Frank… The play “The Diary of Anne Frank” is my favorite script.
Also, since I am a redhead, I am a little biased here, but Annie is another dream role of mine.
Q: What advice would you give to kids who want to go into the fashion industry?
Don’t set limits for yourself. I became an assistant by first working as an actor in a documentary with Luis during my senior year at (high) school. (Eventually) I began helping Luis with all of his shows.
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